Tuesday, February 6, 2007

It’s Cold Out, and some Snow’s on its way . . .

So a great time to be knitting. I’m being VERY schizophrenic in my knitting. Yesterday I knit two repeats on my Orenburg Scarf,

and about six rounds on the FI project, and the button band on the left front of the Bressay Jacket. The pattern for the Bressay jacket has you put 11 stitches on a holder while you knit most of the front (after the ribbing) and then sew it to the rest of the front. I decided to try knitting it on as I went, and I’m very pleased with the way it turned out! I’ll do it on the right side too!

Today I’ve been focused on the right front of the Bressay jacket. My hands seem to want a break from doing the FI. I also actually did some errands, and have been doing some non-knitting work the past few days.

And I got the most wonderful set of stitch and row markers from Beadmarkers on Esty – I think I’m gonna LOVE ‘em. Thanks to Wendy of Wendyknits who wrote about hers, and sent me on the way to them.

I had a great Super Bowl, good food, good company – and LOTS of knitting! Got together with three knitting buddies, and had a lovely LONG knit – that’s where most of the FI got done.

And cold nights mean ALL four cats trying to be on the bed with us at night! The hierarchy is still be worked out between them. We’ve an old lady of nearly 14, who owns the bed (she just lets hubby and I sleep there at night) a nearly six year old who wants to be top cat, but is the smallest, and there fore . . . and then there are the babies, who aren’t yet eleven months old, but because of their sizes – especially Barnum’s, since he weighs in around 18 pounds already, feel they can go anywhere. The old lady is winning on the bed, as she can throw her considerable weight around, and does seem to command respect from the babies. Keeps life interesting.

Back to knitting.

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Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Nice to see you tonight... I hope we do get snow!!