Sunday, March 4, 2007

Elephants Finished – AND with LEFTOVERS!

I finally got the missing yarn from Virtual Yarns – I ended up PAYING for two skeins, one of Golden Plover, and one of Limpet. They “waved” the shipping charges. I also received with the two skeins, three mini skeins of the other three colors I was short! That was nice, but late, as I’d fudge on two of those. I was actually glad to have the third color, because, as I was working the border, I was a bit concerned about that color – I ended up NOT needing it, but . . . . .

There’s no question in my mind that Virtual Yarns didn’t send me the right amounts of the different yarns. I ran out of FOUR of the colors, and have an incredible amount of TWO leftover. (see photo below of my leftovers from the original kit!) I’ve got 45 grams (we think) left of Mara, and 30 grms of the Calluna, and, IMO, just the right amount of Sundew left. That’s WAAAAAY too much on the Mara, which to me says they definitely shorted me on the colors I ran out of. I do wish I didn’t LOVE the yarn, the colors, and the patterns so much! I really do want to make at least one more of her baby blankets – this time for ME! I was reluctant to give the Elephants baby blanket away – but I think Bea loves it, but being just four, a blanket was not a super exciting gift, though her two year old brother was impressed with it. Even more so, her parents LOVE it.

Here’s a photo of the blanket on its own.

And then the minute we finished taking the photos, it was given feline approval – by master Barnum.

And then here's the blanket with the leftovers from the original kit. You can see that there's quite a bit of Mara (blue) left -- much more than really should be.

Meanwhile, I’ve run out of yarn for the vest that matches the dog sweater. So I’m finishing a pair of socks tonight, trying NOT to work on the wonderful shawl I’ve started out of glorious Seasilk yarn from the Victorian Lace Knitting Today (half square in trinity stitch).

I’ll post photos of the socks and shawl for my next post.


Marsha said...

Jennifer, Your blanket looks great, congrat on finishing in such a timely manner. I like keeping up with what you are working on thru your blog, and even though I don't post very often, I do check you out all the time. Nice job!

The Purloined Letter said...

How beautiful!

laura said...

I don't know if you remember me at the January Savory SNB...probably not but I asked you about steaking and it was when you didn't get enough yarn from the company you ordered from. ANNNNNNNNYWAY glad to see it finally done. and of course, kitties MUST approve finished items! hehehe