Sunday, April 8, 2007

Yes, I’m still here – more socks, and can you guess…..

I’ve had a hectic month – my son has some serious emotional problems dealing with school, and we’ve had to send him to a special boarding school. It took several weeks to set this up, and though I didn’t blog, I did knit. He has gone to the school, and two weeks in, things are looking really good! And once he was gone, I came down with bronchitis. Sleeping, drinking LOTs of liquids, knitting, reading, tv watching and Sudoko was about it for a week. And then, this last week has been Holy Week, and I sing in my church choir. . . . .(we sang at five different services over the week.)

I finished the first of the Rocking Sock Club socks, and I like it, but I didn’t particularly like knitting the cable pattern on the leg – I enjoy wearing it (I have it on as I type right now) and I think I will like the pair when they’re finished. I hope to finish the second one (which is started) before the next kit arrives from Blue Moon Fibers (somewhere around the end of April).

Meanwhile, I’ve become obsessed with knitting TOE-UP socks. I really like knitting the short-row toe, I’ve even mastered the crochet chain provisional cast-on – last two socks the crochet chain pulled out PERFECTLY! I finished the Apple Pie socks, and the yarn is soooo yummy to knit AND so yummy to wear!

So then I started toe-up socks for my two closest friends, both of whom have “odd” shaped feet and ankles. The blue-orange-red-green-turquoise stripped socks are for N. who’ve I’ve known since we were 3 or 4. I did the foot on 72 stitches, and then went to 80 stitches for the leg. She says the first one fits perfectly. She’ll get the pair tomorrow, and the weather here is being COLD!!!!!!! (It was 34° when we drove to church at 8:45 this morning!) So she’ll have a chance to wear them.

And the other sock pictured is in Fixation for my friend L. (who I’ve known since we 14 in high school!) She has a wool allergy, so that’s why Fixation. I worked 54 stitches on size 2 needles for the foot, (actually we were at a music weekend in West Virginia and she and her husband were there, so it was the perfect time to keep checking HOW the sock was fitting. Initially I’d cast on 60 but they were waaaaasay too loose, so I went down to 54 stitches.) After I did the heel, I added 16 sts – but when L. tried it on, it was much too tight around her ankle. I ended up adding another 8 stitches, bringing the leg to 80 stitches. I finished the first sock just before we headed home at the end of the weekend, and it fit perfectly. So once N’s socks are finished, I’ll cast-on for L.’s second sock.

Meanwhile, I’ve been reading blogs, and one of my favorites mentioned a wonderful silly, thing to knit for Easter. I called the shop that carried the pattern, and they sent it to me, and I took off! It only took, at most, an hour to knit one, and it was such fun, that I went nuts. I ended up knitting 30 so far! I gave them to everyone in my choir, plus the rector and choir director, and for several good friends, and my goddaughter. So here’s what “they” look like BEFORE felting.

And after felting.

And then, some after embellishing ‘em.

And I hope all figured out that they are Easter EGGS! I got the pattern from The Yarnery in Minneapolis, MN.

So now I’m finishing socks (and have already started a SECOND pair for N.), and trying to find a lace shawl pattern to work in this most glorious hand painted yarn from Claudia ( that I was enticed into buying at my LYS.

But I really should get back to my SIL’s birthday present . . . .


The Purloined Letter said...

I'll vote for using that yarn for the Diamond Fantasy Shawl. What a pleasure to knit!

Anonymous said...

That ball of silk yarn looks like it took forever to wind. Did it?

And how much of your stash have you used up doing these projects? Your posts here don't tell us whether you're buying more or just using up what you already have. From your posts, you have lots of yarn, but are you adding, subtracting, or steady-state?

A. Friend