Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I went off to Folk Music Camp, fully planning to blog right when we got home. Wellllll…. I did finish two pairs of socks at camp, and get a good start on a third. But I also came back with a serious sinus infection, that made me unable to focus for a good two weeks – I only managed to get done the things that HAD to get done.

Now I’m trying to overcome startitis – where it’s so tempting to start yet another project – sweater, shawl or socks. I’ve managed NOT to start more shawls (beyond the Mystery Stole 3 – more on that shortly), or sweaters (I got the wonderful Kani that Susan Rainey has been working on) but socks. . . .

I took a dying class with Karida,, of Neighborhood Fiber Co. at A Tangled Skein, last week – and I had a wonderful time – and came out with two skeins of sock yarn that I’m quite pleased with! I HAD to start one of them immediately it was dry!

And then at Tangled Skein they got in Claudia’s Handpainted in Sock Weight, and we needed to know how it knit – so I started a sock in that. It maybe a bit hard to see, since I chose the Chocolate colorway, as that lends itself to socks for my husband when he’s doing his Civil War reenactment music gigs – the pattern is the first one in Nancy Bush’s wonderful sock book Vintage Socks.

And I’m also making the Tofutsies Sock Club Sock for August. And finishing the second sock of the third pair from camp (just did that!) And there’s a pair for my BF, and another for my next closest friend, and the SECOND Sock’s that Rocks Rockin’ Sock Club –

and three’s waiting to be started, and the fourth should show up in the mail any day now!

And, and, and . . .

I’ve also been a knitter for my friend Amy, book she’s doing – I’ve knit two sweater’s from her patterns, and then a cute little fair isle sweater for it too. (Photos next week when I get the models back to finish writing up the patterns). All the yarn used in this book a eco-friendly! I made the Fair Isle Sweater from Shetland 2000© from Yarns International – the yarn is un-dyed – all the colors are as the sheep are colored!

Yesterday, as I finished up the Fair Isle Sweater (I’d done all but the second sleeve), I decided that I really couldn’t start ANYTHING more until I finish at least half of the projects that are on the FRONT burners (there are too many on the back burners to fuss about at this point.)

So today, I’ve finished the pair left from Camp, and I’m working on the Seraphim Shawl – I think I can finish the 3rd chart today, and start the edging – maybe I’ll finish it this week!

Meanwhile, the Mystery Stole3 has posted the final clue – and I’ve only just started Clue 3. That’s going to be my focus once I finish the Seraphim (unless Seraphim, which is knit out of the incredible Jade Sapphire Silk/Cashmere, is too hot in my lap as we go back to 90+ weather later in the week. I put it aside originally because of that.) Plus a Elspeth Loavold sweater out of her nice hempathy, that I’m doing in wonderful fallish colors, so I really would like to be able to wear no later than the first of October.

And then there's the sweaters -- the one out of hempathy and the other out of Koigu. And below is my constant assistant -- our smallest cat Snowball -- giving the "eye" to me -- as in, "WHAT! You want ME to move?"


Romi said...

What a pretty kitty!

Diane Thornton said...

love the socks. I'm a lefty knitter too! check out my blog and website for my socks (blog) www.knitmentia.blogspot.com and knitting know-how (website)www.leftoutknitter.com