Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Dog ate my Shoes . . . and how it led to buying yarn . . . .

My sweet wonderful puppy (ten months old today)
chewed up my faithful brown sandals Thursday morning. I was not happy. He was not happy. I wear brown sandals a lot in the summer . . . .

So, I went out shopping for another pair of brown sandals. Weeeelllllllllllll . . . there is this store near me that carries my favorite makes of shoes -- Dansko, Keans, etc. and they had this pair of shoes that just SCREAMED that they HAD to come home with me -- forget the brown sandals, these beautiful COMFORTABLE Mary-Janes with roses had to come home with me. They had my size, they are VERY comfortable.
So they came home with me. (Brown sandals also made it home with me that day -- I really do need brown sandals in my wardrobe.)

So today, while others were enjoying Saturday at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, I was one of the staff who worked at A Tangled Skein. I wore my new Mary Janes. And there, on the shelf was some Sublime Soya Cotton in EXACTLY the main color of the new shoes. I'm already working on a cardigan in the soya cotton, so I know it's a lovely, yummy yarn to knit with -- so even though I'm going to MD$&W tomorrow, I had to get enough to make a simple summer vest --

So that's how the dog destroyed my sandals, and led to me buying yarn I hadn't PLANNED on.

And led me to post for the first time in months.

Meanwhile, if you're on Ravelry, you can see many finished objects over the past few months. Just finished a shawl as a gift for a friend, am working happily on the Year of Lace Phoenix Rising Shawl out of Claudia's Handpainted Silk Lace weight, that has to be my favorite lace yarn -- this is my third or fourth shawl in this yarn, and I know I have three more skeins stashed of this yarn!

Summer knitting for me is usually shawls and socks.

But – I did get to M$&W --, where I was mainly looking -- with only plans on buying more of the wonderful short Signature Needles with stiletto points (I ordered a set to try a month ago, and LOVE them, so I knew I wanted MORE), a M$&W T-shirt, and to see if anyone had Tilli Tomas’ Fil de la Mer Yarn. Low and behold, Tilli Tomas was there herself! But she hadn’t known that the Wakame Lace Tunic from the new Summer Interweave Knits called for that yarn – BUT she was willing to send it to me once she got back home – at the discount price she was selling her yarn for at the Festival. So I sent an email as soon as I got home Sunday, with my phone number, and she called me Monday for my credit card info, and today, in the mail came the yarn!

And LOOK at how gorgeously it came! In this lovely silk bag, and with a wonderful bonus skein of her Disco Lights in Jade! I am so pleased, and honored!

And – I’m going to be good, I’m not even winding or swatching until I finish the Soya Cotton Vest that matches the Mary Janes. I’ve the left front done, and should finish the back tomorrow in the car – which is what’s keeping me safe to say I won’t swatch until I finish the vest. I’m off to Connecticut for a folk music weekend with my husband, and I’m leaving the Fil de la Mer at home. A treat when I come home on Monday!

Back to the vest.
My very chewy puppy, and the new yarn. Don't worry, the yarn is safely out of animal reach now.


Chelette said...

Well the shoes are too cute and the vest matches perfectly. I guess the dog does not like Tili Thomas because he is just a little to close for comfort to that beautiful yarn. I am jealous beacause you got a Tili Thomas bag with your yarn purchase. Cant wait to see your FO.


cici said...

Hey lady great post. Those shoes are "TO DIE FOR". I didn't get a pretty bag either:(.. and bonus yarn(you lucky girl). I agree Tillitomas is a sweetheart. I love the color of the vest, it's a perfect match with the shoes, to bad about the lost, but I think you totally made up for it. Have a great trip!

The Purloined Letter said...

What terrific shoes! The vest sounds like it will be perfect!

Romi said...

That is some gorgeous yarn! Cute shoes too. :)

CiCi and CAJtalk said...

Okay,, you have been tagged.. go to my blog for details..:D