Monday, December 18, 2006

Blogging Time Table

Having had a very busy weekend, between my goddaughter’s dorm room arriving in my living room (her mom had to move this past summer, and for various reasons, my goddaughter is now legally living at my house when not at college). If she hadn’t gotten a wonderful internship for next semester at Disney World, the dorm room wouldn’t have arrived until May – giving us another five months to find space for it. But . . . . .

We have a wonderful, large house, with a full, walk-up attic, divided into two spaces, one for storage and one we have used as a guest room. But in the past year or two it also became storage . . . . And we have a full basement, which we finished six years ago. It has a walk out to the back yard, with a nice big room, and a full-bath, and a smaller room for instrument storage. Our son has been living mainly in the big room, but he and goddaughter have been negotiating, and I believe SHE is going to have the basement (makes sense for a 22-23 year old with a very active social life) and HE is going to move to the attic. BUT we have to dig out both spaces before this can happen.

So to start this whole Chinese Fire drill, we have been going through the attic – mostly the storage side, because there are boxes in there that haven’t been looked at since they were placed there 16 years ago. It felt like every third box had YARN! I didn’t realize how much acrylic yarn or part acrylic yarn I knit with 16-20 years ago! A huge (maybe 4x4 feet) box worth went off to charity knitting yesterday – and there’s still more to go through. (LOTS more). What I’m saying is Saturday went to attic dig out – and Sunday to parties, farewell for an interim rector at my church, and two, knitting Christmas parties. Both great fun. So it’s only today that I’m again writing on this blog.

My hope is I will post on the blog a minimum of once a week – hopefully more like two or three times – with occasional weeks where it will be daily.

Nathaniel’s Christmas stocking just needs me to finish the toe (left one color yarn in the car at the second party, so stopped on that for the evening, and when I got home, I went to bed), and then the cuff with his name. Look for photos on Wednesday. Tomorrow is my favorite knitting group meeting [we meet twice a month on Tuesday evenings – at a wine bar], so I may not have time to post.

And then, there’s Christmas shopping --- I haven’t even put together a full list. Luckily we don’t have to buy for a lot of people, and for example, my goddaughter’s mother, N – my dear friend of over 50 years, and I, agreed yesterday to not worry about exchanging our presents ON Christmas Day (although we will be together) but just plan to do it by Twelfth Night (January 5).

But the tree was bought today, and the kittens get to explore it, up with no decorations or anything tonight, tomorrow it’ll get lights, and then Wednesday ornaments – maybe they’ll be bored with it by then.


buffy1759 said...

Jennifer, What beautiful christmas stockings you knitted. Do you sell them?


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