Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Stocking – part III

The reindeer are done – they were really fun! I think it came out well. And soon I’ll be to the heel – and I love heels! I think my favorite part of sock knitting is turning the heel. Even after knitting socks for over 12 years, I still get a thrill every time I turn a heel!

If things go as planned, Nathaniel will get his stocking Monday or Tuesday – well in time for Christmas Eve and Santa Claus to fill it up!

Actually when it is finished, and is given to Nathaniel, it will contain a small Cedar Chips bag – to help protect it when it’s put away after the holidays! (If you noticed a bump in the toes of the two finished stockings in the last post, that’s what was causing the bump!)

11 pm, about to post – and right at the heel. I’ll take a photo, and then publish all this.

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The Purloined Letter said...

It looks terrific. I especially like the red noses!