Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Finished Christmas Stocking, and the two old ladies . . . .

The two old ladies are my oldest cat, Agatha, and the dog, Kaitlin, who’s 11+ (12 in March). They are pictured here.

Nathaniel’s stocking is now finished. Ends sown in, label added, and damp blocked.

And then there’s my I-cord question – HOW many stitches wide can an I-cord be? For the loop to hang up the stocking I started with a 4-stitch I-cord, and after about an inch, felt it wasn’t wide enough, so ripped out am now doing a 6-stitch I-cord, which is just right. But it made me wonder – how many stitches can you knit into an I-cord, without it just becoming an item knit in the round to be opened up somehow. . . . .

I think when I deliver the stocking tomorrow, I will just go by the house, and if someone is home, fine, if not, just hang it on the door – they live in a safe neighborhood, so I don’t think anyone will take it.

Now the Old Ladies – I did talk about Agatha yesterday, and have now pictured her above. But I didn’t mention the dog. Her name is Kaitlin, and as one can probably tell from the photo, she’s a Golden Retriever – an overweight one. She’s a really sweetie, and the cats, particularly the babies, love her. One of them is often curled up with her when it’s cold. Our late Maine Coon used to sleep with her ALL the time, and he was an “orange” tabby Maine Coon, and the same color as she is – and we couldn’t tell them apart! We often had a large golden “rug” – with two tails and two heads, and we couldn’t tell where one started and the other ended. When he died, I think she mourned the most of the surviving animals. If I can find the photos of the two of them together, I’ll post one – I know we took many.

And having finished the stocking, I will go on to finishing his sister baby’s blanket. It’s an AS pattern, and (pictured below) of elephants – and waaaay back when I started the blog last week, I mentioned there was a story behind the blanket being knit for an almost four-year old (she’s getting it for her birthday – there’s NO way I’ll finish it by next Monday (aka Christmas Day).

I knit the Point Rhys lighthouse baby blanket for her brother, at the “proper” time – for the baby shower for him. Well SHE loves it – and so, I felt she really needs her own. And I didn’t want to knit the same blanket for her, and she has a “thing” for elephants, so she gets the elephants. I am glad about that, as the other AS baby blanket that speaks to me is Widdicombe Fair, and I think sometime in the next year I will order that one – and make it for ME! A nice lap blanket to decorate the knitting room when I’m not using it!


The Purloined Letter said...

The stocking looks great! I am sure he will love it.

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

I love the way you did the letters, it's so cheerful!