Tuesday, January 23, 2007

1:07 A.M. New rant

I’m feeling VERY frustrated. I’m on round 12 of the LAST 15 rounds of the Elephants baby blanket body – AND I’VE RUN OUT OF YARN!

This is an Alice Starmore pattern AND KIT bought from Virtual Yarns over the internet. I received a set amount of yarn. I’ve run out of two colors COMPLETELY – one I need to finish the body, and the other is used in four rounds of the border, which STARTS with 904 stitches and INCREASES over the course of the 10 rounds of border.

So out of SEVEN colors of yarn – I’m completely out of two, and sure I don’t have enough of two others to do the border.

I have emailed Virtual Yarns, just before I started this rant. Hopefully I will hear back from them tomorrow, and yarn will be on it’s way to me by the end of the week.

I made another of her blankets two years ago, and ran out of TWO of the colors for that one. I had problems getting a response from Virtual Yarns, but it was over Christmas time, and it turned out they close for two or three weeks around then, and the Hebrides had horrible gales etc, and internet connection was out for a bit . . . So once they responded, I think I had the additional skeins in about two weeks.

I will add that the colors are wonderful, the yarn is wonderful to knit with, I LOVE working her patterns! (I think I’ve knit almost ALL the designs in her Pacific Coast Highway Book, and I think I own ALL of her books – even some very off ones from the late 70s or early 80s -- Knitting from the British Isles and Scandinavian Knitting or some such)

So elephants is on hiatus until more yarn arrives. Bea will have to wait for her birthday present [her birthday was Sunday, it was going to be late anyway – but now I guess, IF the yarns comes quickly, she’ll get it for Valentine’s Day)

I am VERY frustrated. But, now I’ll go finished the found sock! (Tomorrow, after I sleep some.) And if my bestest friend in the whole wide world happens to see this (she doesn’t do computers much) HAPPY Birthday – You’ve caught up with me again!

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