Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Don’t drop stitches in lace . . .

You might end up starting all over again. Second time I’ve done it in three months –DROPPED several stitches, and lost the whole pattern, frogging away to start over again. The first time this happened, back in November, I thought, no it’s the pattern, it’s a fairly complicated lace pattern..

But this time .. it’s a very easy lace pattern, Adamas Shawl from KnitPicks, with their yarn, Shimmer, which is really nice. And the stitches were dropped because I picked up the project wrong . . . .

Maybe if I hadn’t abandoned it late last night to start the Orenburg scarf which is a subscriber’s gift from Interweave when I renewed my subscription yesterday. So when I looked at the pattern, I knew I had to dig in my stash for yarn to make it. I found some lovely lavenders and blues Kid Merino from Crystal Palace, and got rolling last night. I’ll post photos tomorrow – I did the whole first border last night before I went to sleep, and then today I’ve turned two corners, and done two full 16 row pattern repeats , and it’s really lovely, and I’m enjoying knitting it.

But back to frogging Adamas . . . and starting over.

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The Purloined Letter said...

Oh no! I guess the lesson may be to stick with only one lace project at a time.... Wish I could follow rules like that.

I can't wait to see the Orenburg. I love the book discussing the history of Orenburg shawls!