Sunday, January 21, 2007

Updates . . .

First, the finished Afghan . .

Then the Elephant blanket which is moving along nicely. I’m on the 10th elephant row, out of 11!!!

And a close-up

Then . . .the border – I just looked it up – it’ll be 904 stitches! Probably take as long as the rest of the blanket did to knit the border.

Meanwhile, the LYS I used to work at had an anniversary party this weekend (they’re now a web-based business). They’ve imported their own yarn from the Shetlands for seven or eight years now, Shetland 2000©. They debuted three new designs, two Fair Isle and one cable. Very nice! They had a party at a room at a local church, (see photos below) and it was great fun. It was nice to see a number of the former customers, and my co-workers. I really miss working there – I had excellent bosses for one thing. I did buy some of the Shetland 2000© to knit something (I’m not saying WHAT, as it’s a birthday present for someone who does read this blog!—I’m sure she knows who she is.) Those in my Tuesday knit groups will see it come February – have to finish the Elephants first, because that blanket is suppose to be a birthday present – today … and I’m still about a week from finishing IF it’s the ONLY thing I knit on this week.

If you haven’t gathered, I’m sort of a schizophrenic knitter – I get focused on one project for two or three days, then I’ll flit over to something else, and then yet another - - - - etc. etc.

And to cheer things up this week there’s a new LYS opening! Not too far away – I plan to check it out very soon!

One more full repeat of Elephants to go – I’m off to study some reversible patterns to make another scarf for Food & Friends. (And soon to bed)

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Marina said...

The Afghan is gorgeous and the Elephant blanket, fabulous!