Friday, January 5, 2007

Twelfth Night! The end of Christmas Season

I always like twelfth night. For those who don’t follow any church type calendar (and I don’t mean Christmas and Easter calendar, I mean the minor ones). The first day of Christmas is Christmas Day, December 25. And twelve days later is today, January 5. Tomorrow is the Feast of the Epiphany, which is when the wise men came. (And part of liking Twelfth Night may be that my favorite Shakespeare play is Twelfth Night!)

For me, twelfth night has often meant a really nice dinner party with good friends. The friend who usually did this moved to Maine a few years ago, and none of us left here in the DC area have picked up the habit – but maybe someday. The other thing it means is time to take all the Christmas decorations down (UGH!). Stockings came down yesterday, tree tomorrow and Sunday – along with the electric candles in all the windows, and the wreath on the front door.

Meanwhile, on the knitting front I’m over half-way on the elephants baby blanket, and ditto the afghan. I think the afghan could be finished this weekend – that’s my hope, if my hands hold up to the size 11 needles.

I watched my friend Amy ( knitting on 19s (I think it was) the other night, and it just look so LARGE---

I really can’t knit for very long on anything larger than 13s, and I really don’t want to even knit on 13s – the 11s are being hard enough for the afghan. The up side – it does go faster . . .

So I’m switching between elephants and afghan – though I could happily just knit on the elephants, finish ‘em so I can go back to MY cardigan! And alternate between that and my simple vest from 20 year old yarn. (and always socks).

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