Monday, January 22, 2007

That Which was Lost is FOUND!!

About two months ago, around Thanksgiving, I was working on a sock for someone, out of a most wonderful color of Trekking Sock yarn, it was my carry in my purse project (I can’t/don’t leave home without a knitting project – the basic is socks). I had it in my KnowKnits bag that I just love – anyway – somehow it got out, got mislaid, and I couldn’t find it – I will confess to being more upset about the bag, because I find it just perfect for socks carried everywhere – and they’re hard to get.

I searched EVERYWHERE – I called the bookstore and the two restaurants that my knitting groups meet in, I crawled under pews at church (I knit during the lessons & sermons, and when the other sections of the choir are rehearsing—I listen BETTER), scoured the Choir Vesting Room, check various offices and meeting rooms I’ve been in at Church, and I’m quite active, so I’m there two-four times a week on average. Searched ALL over the house. No dice. Couldn’t find the bag. I didn’t want to start another sock in another skein I have – I didn’t want to give up MY skein of the same yarn – so very frustrated.

Well, here in the DC area we finally had snow – not a lot, and unfortunately it was followed by freezing rain, which means we’ve been dealing with black ice. So instead of driving anywhere, I walked over to Whole Foods (lunch), Borders (books) and Starbucks, and back home. I was reminded that the two main hats I have knit for winter, I find a bit itchy – so I thought, well I’ve got to knit one out of a yarn that doesn’t get itchy on my head (head being much more sensitive then other parts).

I’ve come up with an idea, a yarn (either WW Debbie Bliss Cashmerino or DK weight), and style – Fair Isle band, and found a design that will work, and I went to sharpen a pencil in my knitting room to sketch things out,) and lo, and behold! there, between the wall and the little chest the pencil sharpener lives on, there was the bag!

Since I found it, I’ve been carrying it around like Linus with his blanket – I am so please to have found it, and so, here’s a photo, with the sock – which is two-thirds finished, and I plan to finish sock one by the end of this week – and start No. two immediately!

The hot pink bag on the left is my KnowKnits bag.

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