Monday, January 29, 2007


I did indeed, finish the Fair Isle hat over the weekend. I think I’m pleased. I’m not totally sure, but it was nice and warm walking to the local sushi restaurant to have lunch with a friend. I’m not sure it got over 32º today, and there’s been quite a biting wind.

I love the Waterlilly yarn from Classic Elite. The colors are not completely solid, just ebbing and flowing in intensity.

That's me modeling the hat!
I found a basic chart in Alice Starmore’s Charts book, and I was going to use a variegated yarn for the swirls, but it didn’t work, so I just went with three colors for the hat, and I think it works.

The yarn was lovely to work with. I really enjoyed knitting with it. Now back to the Bressay Jacket – yet Russian River is calling me, and my SIL’s birthday present. (As I said before, photos once it’s gone to Iowa). Oh, and there’s this lace shawl . . . .

Schizophrenic Knitter, that’s me.

But here’s a wonderful photo of my most recent finished Fair Isle sweater, Pyramids designed by Ron Schweitzer for Yarns International’s Shetland 2000 yarns. (The model’s my husband Bob, it was knit for him!)


The Purloined Letter said...

I can't get over how beautiful that sweater is!

lv2knit said...

Great looking sweater -- but shouldn't it be named Windmills? I don't see pyramids, I guess ;) I love your hat, too.